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July 2023 Meeting Minutes

Full public meeting minutes for our club meeting held on 7/05/2023

STLDGC July Meeting 7/5/23

Next Meeting: 8/9/23

Board Members: Hayley Elam, Jake Anderson, Jeff Willems, Ethan Livaudais, Allen Hooper, Joe Jaegers, Bob Waidmann, Calvin Kinsella

Board Ambassadors: Robert Eich, Charlie Akers

Other Attendees: CJ Novak, Dan Riddle, JC Lightle


Review Action Items


  • 2023 Memberships – 271 sold
  • Ace Pool: $205
    • Ironman: $468 + $63 – $398
    • BDO: $133 + $72 – $0
    • Next eligible: 7/22 JB Open
    • Ace payout cap: $500


  • Hillside Concrete Teepads
    • Quote ready, Hooper to talk to Irwin before presenting to board
    • Avoid late August for this work to not conflict with tournaments
  • Endicott Tee Signs
    • We have a quote for art from Koster but it could be more with extra detail
    • Ethan has ideas for new pins before we finalize tee sign art
    • Board approved to move forward pending price increase (feedback loop on one hole before proceeding with all 18)
  • Willmore Tee Signs – To be done after STLO (temp tee signs as need for STLO)

General Discussion Items

  • Storage unit
    • Hooper to sign the document and determine a move-in date
  • Gateway Titans
    • New baskets are in at Carrollton and Willmore
    • New locks picked up for multiple courses, to be installed
  • Willmore – Restoration of woodland planned (possibly affects hole 11 / hole 2) – JC going to meeting and will fill us in on the potential changes
  • By-Laws Rewrite
    • Irwin rewrote, Hayley reviewed and shared with board to review
  • Al Kennon – Discmania Combine at Willmore 8/20


  • 6/17 – Ironman – Multiple – Jeremy/James – Club Event
    • Event Report
    • Willmore Park closing 10 PM – this seems to happen every night now and we should look at this for future Ironman events here
  • 7/4 – BDO – Bunker – Brett – C Tier (Shotgun)
    • Event Report
  • 7/22 – JB Open – JB Complex – Willems – C Tier
    • Registration Open
  • 8/19 – Doubles Event – JB Complex – Brett – XC Tier
    • Scrapping this event for now – too close to STLO, possibly do in December
  • 9/15-9/17 – STLO – Various – Brett – A Tier
    • Role updates
    • Putting competition at be sponsored/held by Charlie
    • Proper involvement – everyone is good with coupons in the player’s pack (plus other involvement)
    • Volunteers
    • Marketing: vending, sponsorships, players
    • Mowing and how to handle communication with parks
      • Ask course captains to relay date of STLO on course
  • 10/14 – STLDGC Club Championships – Sioux/Briscoe



Sioux Passage – Coaches – Freddie Schaljo

  • Maintenance: Fix damaged pins, few small tweaks
  • Projects: Tee signs eventually (Daniel Doss)

Briscoe Woods – Coaches – Paul Schnieder

  • Maintenance: Parks to maintain hole 8 prairie (less than promised but after discussion they have trimmed back), widen hole 10, stone drop zones (Joe can help make)
  • Projects: Concrete pads holes 12 and 13, hole 11 retaining wall behind tee pad or extend tee pad, hole 17 retaining solution in front of tee pad, official tee signs

Carrollton – Coaches – Ray Vuichard

  • Projects: Concrete pads (short 1, new 2 to come back to “3” and remove 14, long 3, long 8, short 11, short 13, long 18), Irwin to update teesigns (limited changes), resurface teepads of holes 1-3, more tree planting in the winter

Endicott – Jeremy Muehling

  • Maintenance: Replace damaged pins and locks (we have new sleeves and locks)
  • Projects: Replace teesigns (Ryan Koster for new design), retaining wall redo on hole 9, hole 13 cleanup or flip


Creve Coeur Lakeside – Jim McGowan, Mike Fritz, Jeff Irwin

  • Projects: Holes 3, 6 (small bit), 7, 14, 15 teepads (part of the Hillside teepad project), teesign redo on holes 6, 13, 15 and 18, fixing up the OB areas, repair the benches gradually

Creve Coeur Hillside – Mike Fritz, Jeff Irwin

  • Projects: Concrete teepads and retention around a few with Hooper (multiple quotes for different sizes) – recycle the turf teepads to a different course

Sunset Lakes – Robert Eich

  • Projects: Different tee posts (red, white, and blues) and different mowing patterns at the end of the year

Logan – Jeff Irwin

  • Maintenance: Last scheduled dive was 5-30-23


Jefferson Barracks Park – Aaron Walther

  • Maintenance: Parks has rotomillings they are willing to drop off throughout the course, cleaning up hole 16
  • Projects: Bridges and benches, create a drainage solution on holes 3 and 4 with parks, resurfacing of teepads

Jefferson Barracks Bunker – Allen Hooper, Taylor Thomas

  • Maintenance: Cleanup of trees/honeysuckle, rock additions gradually, large tree removal, damaged pin repair

Unger – Dan Adams, Joe Jaegers

  • Projects: Expansion near hole 10 (at least a year out), greenway 2025 (holes 4, 6, and 8 will have to go away)

Willmore – John Hellwig, Allen Hooper

  • Maintenance: Repair old and add new pin positions, damaged pin repair
  • Projects: Retaining wall, tee signs eventually