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St. Louis Open Volunteering

We are currently seeking volunteers for this year's STLO!

The 2023 St. Louis Open volunteer sign up is open! Every year we look to the community to help make our largest annual area event successful and this year is no different! Below is the link for sign ups. Please reach out to Hayley Elam, Charlie Akers, the club Facebook page, or the club email ( for additional information.

This year Calvin Kinsella will be coaching and coordinating with the spotters to ensure course flow stays smooth, discs are found quickly, and making sure everyone is safe. Please be sure to check off your available schedule and course location(s) on the form if you’re able to spot for us!

The STLDGC always appreciates how strong our volunteer presence has been over the years and it really shows how much we all love our disc golf community!

2024 St. Louis Open Information

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