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August 2023 Meeting Minutes

Full public meeting minutes for our club meeting held on 08/09/2023

STLDGC August Meeting 8/9/23 (STLO Course Focus)

Next Meeting: 8/30/23 Virtual STLO Meeting, 9/6/23 In Person Meeting

Board Members: Hayley Elam, Brett Elam, Taylor Thomas, Bob Waidmann, Jeff Irwin, Ethan Livaudais, Jeff Willems

Board Ambassadors: Jeremy Muehling, Charlie Akers

Course Captains/Caretakers: James Ly, Mike Fritz

Other Attendees: CJ Novak



STLO Courses


Carrollton – Coaches, Ray Vuichard

  • To be done before STLO: Irwin sending email to parks, mando sign on hole 16, small cleanup items, no need to trashbag baskets between divisions, whiskers to go in 18+18 holes

Endicott – Jeremy Muehling

  • To be done before STLO: Lots of cleanup to be done (storm damage, branches, honeysuckle/brush trimming)


Creve Coeur Lakeside – Jim McGowan, Mike Fritz, Jeff Irwin

  • To be done before STLO: Mando signs, little bit of cleanup

Logan – Jeff Irwin

  • To be done before STLO: Tournament 18 in position the week before (parking lot closed), mulch and marking paint from Logan, OG hole 17 island circle off tee, flags being ordered for OB lines, FPO pins will be tall PVC with designated color, whiskers to go in 18+6 holes


Unger – Dan Adams, Joe Jaegers

  • To be done before STLO: If flooded, we’ll figure it out on the fly

Willmore – John Hellwig, Allen Hooper

  • To be done before STLO: Hole 9 basket destroyed and needs replaced


STLO Action Items
Review Action Items



  • 2023 Memberships – 281 sold
  • Ace Pool: $309
    • JB Open: $205 + $104 – $0 = $309
    • Next eligible: 8/11 BDO
    • Ace payout cap: $500



Outstanding liabilities

  • Hillside Concrete Teepads
    • Quote ready but we are getting a second quote before moving forward
    • Ideally, work to happen in October
  • Endicott Tee Signs
    • Board approved to move forward, down payment made (half of full amount)
    • Ethan has ideas for new pins before we finalize tee sign art
  • Willmore Tee Signs – To be done after STLO (temp tee signs as need for STLO)


General Discussion Items

  • Willmore – Restoration of woodland planned (possibly affects hole 11 / hole 2)
    •  JC went to a meeting about this – any update? Trees at hole 11 tee pad?
  • Storage unit
  • By-Laws Rewrite
    • Irwin rewrote, Hayley reviewed and shared with board to review



  • 7/22 – JB Open – JB Complex – Willems – C Tier
    • Event Report
  • 8/11 – BDO – Willmore – Brett – Flex C Tier
  • 9/4 – BDO – One of Creves? – Brett – Flex C Tier
  • 9/15-9/17 – STLO – Various – Brett – A Tier
    • Role updates
    • Bands confirmed: Boogie and Coach (2hrs each)
    • Flex starts: Ray, Jeremy – Carrollton, Endicott (Amar and Ashley checked this box on volunteer form as well)
    • 50% refund in a week for amateurs to cover player pack costs
    • Coverage advertisements: MVP, Logan, Gateway, and Smokin Aces each get one commercial per round (fills all spots), Logan and MVP each get one banner ad per 9 holes
    • No JR teepads for now – address if/when we get any JR signups
    • Logan continues to gain enthusiasm and has volunteers that are willing to help (again, emphasize no getting in the lake)
    • Portapotties ordered for Logan, tee signs updated and ready to go with tournament hole numbers
    • Club tents are in: Carrollton, Lakeside (Willmore on off day or other tent)
  • 10/14 – STLDGC Club Championships – Sioux/Briscoe
    • Same deal as last year: $30 for tag, koozie, mini
    • 36 holes, shotgun start