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March 2022 Meeting Minutes

Full public meeting minutes for our club meeting held on 03/14/2022

STLDGC Meeting March 3/14/22
Next Meeting: 4/14/2022
Board Attendees: Ray Vuichard, Brett Elam, Hayley Day, Taylor Thomas, Jake Anderson, Jeff Willems, Joe Jaegers, Alex Neupert
Other Attendees: N/A

Review Action Items


2022 Memberships – 220 sold, 0 replacements
– All unclaimed have been reached out to
– We have through 300 in hand
– First 200 get STLDGC Gateway disc, STLDGC koozies after

Ace Pool: $258 (pays $193)
– BDO #2 added $117


Outstanding liabilities
– B Tiers player pack items
– Food Bank Money from Ice Box
– Creve artwork
– Sky hyzer video coverage

General Discussion Items

Sponsor commitments
– Creve tee signs – Irwin done with Lakeside artwork, installation soon

New Gateway baskets in at Endicott, still need to remove old practice basket

– Special edition Discmania discs – selling at B Tiers, first come first served
– Inventory purchases for B Tiers:
– Trilogy – Hayley
– Discmania – Taylor
– Inventory purchases for rest of year:
– Innova – Jake (order being made this week)
– Discraft – Taylor (waiting list)
– MVP – Brett (pre-order)
– Prodigy – Brett (if we get a response)
– Look into club merchandise: Alex and Brett

Norrenburn’s – we have unclaimed concrete here


2/21 Brett’s Day Off Flex C Tier
– Event report

3/25 Brett’s Day Off Flex C Tier
– Endicott

3/26 – 3/27 B Tiers
– Discmania and Flight Towel player packs

4/30 – Tin Man Doubles
– Sioux, Briscoe, Dunegant ?
– Bring in assistant TD(s) from outside the board

6/18 – Ironman – Calvin Kinsella and Jeremy Muehling

9/16 – 9/18 – STLO
– Big player’s pack item:
– First choice: basket valued around $150 – getting quotes in quantities of 200+:
– MVP – Brett – basket options for a good price
– Discraft – Taylor
– Trilogy – Alex – no basket option, but Paratrooper as plan B
– DGA – Alex – too expensive
– Large corporate sponsor targets to be brainstormed
– Brett to start framework here soon (courses, pools, etc)


Opportunity: Crestwood
– Design proposal sent (short course), Irwin to have a meeting with them for steps forward
– Hooper to be involved moving forward
– 2022 installation but waiting on update from them

Opportunity: Wilson Park (Granite City, IL)
– Meeting Wednesday for walkthrough with parks department

Schroeder – Baskets
– Believe these are being installed this week

Creve Coeur Lakeside – Jim McGowan, Mike Fritz, Jeff Irwin
– Artwork complete, teesigns being installed soon
– Concrete pads: verbal approval, more details to come

Creve Coeur Hillside – Mike Fritz, Jeff Irwin
– Caution signs in hand, ready to install
– Whole basket to be ordered to replace damaged practice basket
– Turf from Logan moving here
– Two more pin placements planned for hole 1, hole 18, and practice basket
– After pins in the ground, teesigns to be created and installed

Jefferson Barracks Park – Aaron Walther
– Holes 3 & 4, Joe to set up meeting with parks and Hoop to discuss (Wednesday at 12:30)
– 8D is the last pin left to replace

Jefferson Barracks Bunker – Allen Hooper
– Hooper working on teepads
– 14 teepad: planted bamboo

Sioux Passage – Coaches – Freddie
– Getting quotes on new baskets
– Sleeves needs to be replaced and pin positions need to be cleared out

Briscoe Woods – Coaches – Paul
– Short term: simple tee signs, general cleanup/trimming/upkeep
– Hold off on tee signs due to possible changes – old holes potentially coming back

Sunset Lakes – Jeff Irwin
– Getting part replacements on baskets
– Will be focusing on after Creve
– No events in 2022 due to ongoing litigation

Carrollton – Coaches – Ethan Livaudais
– Tree planting to happen in fall 2022
– Gold Layout
– Can fill in holes in the ground with dirt freely

Endicott – TC Brown
– Hole 13 C to be fixed
– 18 new sleeves to be purchased and installed
– Teesigns shelved for now
– Hole 9 wall to be fixed

Unger – Dan Adams, Joe Jaegers, Eric Clever
– Numerous parcels (E of Hole 10) for possible expansion – Joe to work with Bob after reservations confirmed to get this in front of county parks
– Eagle scout looking for project(s) here – Joe and Brett to coordinate for this

Willmore – Ryan Rickard
– Tee signs due for an upgrade
– Handful of pin placements to be replaced or repaired

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