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May 2023 Meeting Minutes

Full public meeting minutes for our club meeting held on 5/10/2023

STLDGC May Meeting 5/10/23
Next Meeting: 6/7/23 (Normal)
Board Members: Hayley Elam, Brett Elam, Taylor Thomas, Jeff Irwin, Allen Hooper, Joe Jaegers, Ethan Livaudais, Bob Waidmann
Board Ambassadors: Robert Eich, Charlie Akers
Course Captains/Caretakers: James Ly
Other Attendees: CJ Novak

Review Action Items


2023 Memberships – 251 sold

Ace Pool: $232
– Meramec Meltdown: $701 + $107
– BDO#4: $808 + $117 – $695
– Next eligible: Logan Memorial 5/27
– Moving forward, we will be capping ace payouts to $500


Outstanding liabilities
– Food Bank Donation (Ice Box) – Check written but not cashed yet
– Hillside Concrete Teepads – Quote coming soon
– Endicott Tee Signs – We have a quote for art
– Willmore Tee Signs

General Discussion Items

Storage unit – we need to move out of the existing one before pricing gets out of hand, quotes coming for next meeting

990-EZ Tax Filing
– Joe is now the Assistant Treasurer
– Asking for an extension to get this done

Schools doing disc golf in PE – Valley Park and Hazelwood
– We should be helping schools where possible and will add something to the website to convey this message
– Hazelwood – Donating two Black Hole Lites, ~30 frisbees, and Bob to meet up there about basket placement

Worlds bid via SW 2025 in STL (masters or juniors or similar)
– We aren’t really interested in doing or supporting this in 2025, maybe in the future

Some credit cards have a limit – if there are larger projects that require more than that, we should be planning ahead to ensure the people doing the project have the resources to pay for it


4/22 – Meramac Meltdown – Unger/Willmore – Taylor and Robert – C Tier
– Event Report – Successful and no large issues besides people asking about tournaments at Sunset

5/5 – BDO – Hillside – Brett – C Tier Flex
– Event Report – time windows during sign ups went well

5/27 – Logan Memorial – Logan – Irwin – C Tier Flex
– $25 Entry Fee
– STLO Practice Round (how to fix flow issues)
– Setting up separate pars for FPO in preparation for STLO

5/29 – BDO – 27 at Sioux/Briscoe – Brett – C Tier Flex

6/2 – BDO – Briscoe – McDale – C Tier Flex

6/3 – MOST – Sioux/Briscoe – Brett – C Tier

6/17 – Ironman – Multiple – Jeremy/Service/Ly – Club Event
– Reaching out to George about the same deal as last year
– 2021 courses or similar: Willmore Unger Graveyard JB Complex Sunset

7/4 – BDO – JB Complex – Brett – 2 C Tier Flexes
– JB League conflict

7/22 – JB Open – JB Complex – Willems – C Tier

9/15-9/17 – STLO – Various – Brett – A Tier
– Sponsorships – how much to charge?
– Player pack announcement (next week start drip marketing, full announce a week before registration open), registration opening Sunday June 4



Sioux Passage – Coaches – Freddie Schaljo
– Maintenance: Fix damaged pins, few small tweaks
– Projects: Tee signs eventually (Daniel Doss)

Briscoe Woods – Coaches – Paul Schnieder
– Maintenance: Parks to maintain hole 8 prairie hopefully
– Projects: Concrete pads holes 12 and 13, hole 11 retaining wall behind tee pad or extend tee pad, hole 17 retaining solution in front of tee pad, official tee signs

Carrollton – Coaches – Ethan Livaudais, Ray Vuichard
– Projects: Long baskets tabled for now, concrete pads (short 1, new 2 to come back to “3” and remove 14, long 3, long 8, short 11, short 13, long 18), Irwin to update teesigns (limited changes), resurface teepads of holes 1-3, more tree planting in the winter

Endicott – Jeremy Muehling
– Maintenance: Replace damaged pins and locks (we have new sleeves currently)
– Projects: Replace teesigns (Daniel Moss for current or Ryan Koster for new design), retaining wall redo on hole 9, hole 13 cleanup or flip


Creve Coeur Lakeside – Jim McGowan, Mike Fritz, Jeff Irwin
– Projects: Holes 3, 6 (small bit), 7, 14, 15 teepads (part of the Hillside teepad project), teesign redo on holes 6 and 13, fixing up the OB areas, repair the benches gradually, finishing elevated pin on hole 18

Creve Coeur Hillside – Mike Fritz, Jeff Irwin
– Projects: Concrete teepads and retention around a few with Hooper (multiple quotes for different sizes) – recycle the turf teepads to a different course

Sunset Lakes – Jeff Irwin
– Projects: Different tee posts (red, white, and blues)

Logan – Jeff Irwin
– Maintenance: Schedule another dive


Jefferson Barracks Park – Aaron Walther
– Maintenance: Parks has rotomillings they are willing to drop off throughout the course, cleaning up hole 16
– Projects: Bridges and benches, create a drainage solution on holes 3 and 4 with parks

Jefferson Barracks Bunker – Allen Hooper, Taylor Thomas
– Maintenance: Cleanup of trees/honeysuckle, rock additions gradually, large tree removal, damaged pin repair

Unger – Dan Adams, Joe Jaegers, Eric Clever
– Projects: Expansion near hole 10 (at least a year out)

Willmore – John Hellwig, Allen Hooper
– Maintenance: Repair old and add new pin positions, damaged pin repair
– Projects: Retaining wall, tee signs eventually