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March 2023 Meeting Minutes

Full public meeting minutes for our club meeting held on 3/29/2023

STLDGC March Meeting 3/29/23
Next Meeting: 5/10/23
Board Members: Hayley Day, Brett Elam, Taylor Thomas, Calvin Kinsella, Allen Hooper, Jake Anderson, Jeff Willems, Joe Jaegers, Ray Vuichard, Ethan Livaudais, Bob Waidmann, Jeff Irwin
Board Ambassadors: Jeremy Muehling, Joe Bryson, Robert Eich
Course Captains/Caretakers: Mike Fritz, James Ly, Jake Sigmund, Aaron Walther


Opportunity: Crestwood – Joe
– Baskets have been handed off


Sioux Passage – Coaches – Freddie Schaljo
– Maintenance: Fix damaged pins, few small tweaks
– Projects: Tee signs eventually (Daniel Doss)

Briscoe Woods – Coaches – Paul Schnieder
– Maintenance: Parks to maintain hole 8 prairie hopefully
– Projects: Concrete pads holes 12 and 13, hole 11 retaining wall behind tee pad or extend tee pad, hole 17 retaining solution in front of tee pad, official tee signs

Carrollton – Coaches – Ethan Livaudais, Ray Vuichard
– Projects: Long baskets tabled for now, concrete pads (short 1, new 2 to come back to “3” and remove 14, long 3, long 8, short 11, short 13, long 18), Irwin to update teesigns (limited changes), resurface teepads of holes 1-3, more tree planting in the winter

Endicott – Jeremy Muehling
– Maintenance: Replace damaged pins and locks (we have new sleeves currently)
– Projects: Replace teesigns (Daniel Moss for current or Ryan Koster for new design), retaining wall redo on hole 9, hole 13 cleanup or flip


Creve Coeur Lakeside – Jim McGowan, Mike Fritz, Jeff Irwin
– Projects: Holes 3, 6 (small bit), 7, 14, 15 teepads (part of the Hillside teepad project), teesign redo on holes 6 and 13, fixing up the OB areas, repair the benches gradually, creating an elevated pin on hole 18

Creve Coeur Hillside – Mike Fritz, Jeff Irwin
– Projects: Concrete teepads and retention around a few with Hooper (multiple quotes for different sizes) – recycle the turf teepads to a different course

Sunset Lakes – Jeff Irwin
– Projects: Different tee posts (red, white, and blues)

Logan – Jeff Irwin
– Maintenance: Schedule another dive


Jefferson Barracks Park – Aaron Walther
– Maintenance: Parks has rotomillings they are willing to drop off throughout the course, cleaning up hole 16

– Projects: Bridges and benches, create a drainage solution on holes 3 and 4 with parks

Jefferson Barracks Bunker – Allen Hooper, Taylor Thomas
– Maintenance: Cleanup of trees/honeysuckle, rock additions gradually

Unger – Dan Adams, Joe Jaegers, Eric Clever
– Projects: Expansion near hole 10 (at least a year out)

Willmore – John Hellwig, Allen Hooper
– Maintenance: Repair old and add new pin positions
– Projects: Retaining wall, tee signs eventually

Review Action Items


2023 Memberships – 233 sold

Ace Pool: $701
– BDO#3: $261 + $155 = $416
– The Passage: $416 + $140 = $556
– Rock Road Rumble: $556 + $145 = $701
– Next eligible: Meramec Meltdown 4/22


Outstanding liabilities
– Food Bank (Ice Box)
– Willmore Tee Signs
– Endicott Tee Signs
– Hillside Teepads (single form concrete)

General Discussion Items

First available tree sponsor signs at STL Courses (Lead-Calvin)
– Minimum diameter tree, thin metal, long screws

Bonnie (STL County) Meeting April 5th at noon (conflicts, future reservations, power tools, Bee Tree, our improvements…)

STLO Roles

Bylaws Rewrite

Leagues supported by STLDGC

Udisc Events

Club branded pop up tent (You Need a Tent in Columbia, IL) – Irwin

Course Project Managers to create and coordinate all of the course captains and course caretakers to chat and meet
– All volunteer hours get logged in the Slack channel (Robert to record permanently)

– 990ez (PayPal line items)
– Make sure we aren’t paying taxes on inventory purchases

NADGT Club Program

Irwin has Innova sleeves, Brett has Gateway sleeves, Ethan has sleeves


3/4-3/5- Basket Replacement – Biscoe/Sioux – Ethan – Work Day
– Report

3/10 – BDO – JB – Brett – C Tier Flex
– Event Report

3/24 – BDO – Briscoe – Brett – C Tier Flex
– Canceled

3/25 – The Passage – Biscoe/Sioux – Willems – B Tier
3/26 – Rock Road Rumble – Carrollton/Endicott – Willems – B Tier
– Event Report
– Raffle was a little lighter than we wanted (different items, better advertising, more people, better signage)
– How did Venmo do for us – good – just don’t use email
– Sioux internet issues – hotspots, lunch offsite, paper scorecards, admin person offsite for emails/hole assignments

4/22 – Meramac Meltdown – Unger/Willmore – Taylor and Robert – C Tier

5/5 – BDO Hillside Maybe?
– Time windows during sign ups

5/27 Logan Memorial – Logan – Irwin – C Tier Flex

6/17 Ironman – Multiple – Jeremy – Club Event

9/15-9/17 – STLO – Various – Brett – A Tier
– How to advertise – SkyHyzer, social media, physical flyers at courses, MVP?
– 2 commercials and 3 banner ads per 9 holes
– Subcommittee of TDs to be started up with regularly scheduled meetings

2024 St. Louis Open Information

$5k Added, MVP Disc Station VI in Am Player Pack
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