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October 2021 Meeting Minutes

Full public meeting minutes for our club meeting held on 10/25/2021

STLDGC Meeting 10/25/2021
Next Meeting: 11/22/2021

Board Attendees: Brett Elam, Hayley Day, Alex Neupert, Ray Vuichard, Taylor Thomas, Bob Waidmann, Joe Jaegers, Jeff Irwin
Other Attendees: Irina Neupert

Review Action Items

2021 Memberships 370 (4 Replacements)
2022 Memberships – 161 Sold, ordering another 100 tags (201-300)
First 200 get Gateway disc, koozies after
Looking into sponsors for extra benefits for members
Creating a brochure of benefits of joining club to display at events (laminated sign)
Get club tags into local leagues
Ace Pool: $35 (pays $26) – Tim Kaltenbach paid for CC Ace

Outstanding liabilities
Carrollton basket invoice to be paid
Paid 10/25 Dynamic from STLO
Final payment of Skyhyzer for STLO upcoming
Creve artwork and tee signs are upcoming
Creating a Venmo for the club
Purchasing new hole sponsor signs, looking into high quality options
Create SOP for TDing events (allows for consistent events and easy passing of torch)

9/17 – 9/19 STLO – A Tier
Event Report
Status of player packs, some mailed out – Alex to finish this

10/2 – 10/3 Club Championships
Ace paid at $102, ending pool at $35 total
Trophy being added to – need to determine what to do to extend room on trophy

10/30 Willmore Open – C Tier, $250 added
Player’s pack: Local Line Socks, Towch tosser, koozie, pin
More in payouts than usual targeted, CTPs on every hole, raffle

11/26 Turkey Toss – Taylor/Joe/Willems?/Dude?
27 holes straight: Layout to be determined
Pro, Am, Master, Women, Junior
Get flyer made

2022 Schedule
Copy from last year (at least for dates), swap Willmore Open and Club Champs
Possibly add: Event in April, December Glow

Schroeder – Baskets

Creve Coeur Lakeside – Jim McGowan, Mike Fritz, Jeff Irwin

Creve Coeur Hillside – Mike Fritz, Jeff Irwin
Whole basket needs replaced on damaged practice basket – to be ordered

Jefferson Barracks Park – Aaron Walther
Mach III storage and future plans
Auction? Reach out to clubs? Reach out to private courses?
Hooper to continue sleeve replacement
Joe to continue coordination with AJ for any needed materials
Hole 3 erosion, Hole 10 bridge
Mach X signs, following up on

Jefferson Barracks Bunker – Mike Hollingshead
Overhead map is in
Hooper working on teepads

Sioux Passage – Coaches – Freddie
New baskets?

Briscoe Woods – Coaches – Paul
Hold off on tee signs due to possible changes

Sunset Lakes – Jeff Irwin
Getting part replacements on baskets

Carrollton – Coaches – Ethan Livaudais
Tree planting: Hooper and Ethan to continue coordination with parks & rec, maintenance/forestry

Endicott – TC Brown
Hole 13 C – Hooper/TC, we have the cash let’s fix this
Creek on holes 3/4, 6/7 – Leave this alone, cost not worth it
18 new sleeves – If we have the manpower, let’s do this
Basket situation? Need to talk to Dave Mac.
Dirt delivered – What is this for?

Unger – Dan Adams, Joe Jaegers, Eric Clever
More mulch being ordered
Allocating money toward new bridges
Expansion: Numerous parcels (E of Hole 10) for possible expansion
Trash issues

Willmore – Ryan Rickard
Hooper, etc to continue sleeve replacement coordination
Overhead map
Tee signs

Miscellaneous Admin
Feedback from ballots
Email addresses
Inventory management
What to do with our inventory moving forward? Continue or sell-off/donate?
Discmania tour series – CTPs, raffle, and live auctions on FB
Done purchasing until after Turkey Toss
Transfer of duties and responsibilities moving forward