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November 2021 Meeting Minutes

Full public meeting minutes for our club meeting held on 11/22/2021

STLDGC Meeting 11/22/2021
Next Meeting: 1/6/2021

Board Attendees: Brett Elam, Hayley Day, Taylor Thomas, Jake Anderson, Allen Hooper, Ray Vuichard, Jeff Willems, Joe Jaegers, Alex Neupert, Bob Waidmann
Other Attendees: Irina Neupert, Tony DiPaulo, Robert Eich

Review Action Items

2022 Memberships – 169 sold, 0 replacements
We have through 300 in hand
First 200 get STLDGC Gateway disc, STLDGC koozies after
Ace Pool: $35 (pays $26)

Outstanding liabilities
Carrollton baskets – 6 new blue (potential chain switch – if done, pay in full)
Final payment of Skyhyzer for STLO upcoming

Sponsor commitments: Creve artwork

Mach III Determination: Facebook auction for individual baskets

Dave Mac Proposal – Heavier chained blue basket swap at Bunker. Swap of baskets at Endicott for a cost to bunker baskets that will be re-chained prior to install at Endicott. Dave keeps old Endicott baskets.

10/30 Willmore Open – C Tier, $250 added
Event Report

11/26 Turkey Toss – Taylor/Joe/Dude?
Jim McGowan for printing scorecards (and moving forward?)

2022 Schedule – TDs discussed
Need to start doing consistent event reports (summary: how much are we profiting and with what are we profiting?)
Ensuring that when event is done, we remove our property from the course


Opportunity: Crestwood
Design proposal made and sent, no news

Opportunity: Wilson Park (Granite City, IL)
Follow up with course designers and send follow up email

Schroeder – Baskets
New 9 in, ordering 7 baskets

Creve Coeur Lakeside – Jim McGowan, Mike Fritz, Jeff Irwin
Planning to have tee signs done on 1/1
Meeting to propose replace turf pads with concrete
Better mando on hole 1

Creve Coeur Hillside – Mike Fritz, Jeff Irwin
Whole basket to be ordered to replace damaged practice basket
Signs for non-discers to watch for frisbees
Turf from Lakeside to move here as temporary solution to teepads
Any more design tweaks before “done”

Jefferson Barracks Park – Aaron Walther
Joe to continue coordination with AJ for any needed materials: hole 3 erosion, starts at hole 4 teepad, hole 10 bridge
Mach X sponsor signs up

Jefferson Barracks Bunker – Mike Hollingshead gone, Hooper in
Overhead map is in, good feedback on teesigns
Hooper working on teepads

Sioux Passage – Coaches – Freddie
Getting quotes on new baskets. Sleeves needs to be replace, pin positions need to be cleared out
No update, hoping to get up there to scout and plan – to work with coaches afterward

Briscoe Woods – Coaches – Paul
Hold off on tee signs due to possible changes – old holes potentially coming back
No update, hoping to get up there to scout and plan – to work with coaches afterward

Sunset Lakes – Jeff Irwin
Getting part replacements on baskets
Will be focusing on in Jan-Feb timeframe
No events 2022 due to ongoing litigation

Carrollton – Coaches – Ethan Livaudais
Tree planting to happen in fall 2022
Gold Layout
Can fill in holes in the ground with dirt freely

Endicott – TC Brown
Hole 13 C to be fixed
18 new sleeves can be purchased and install if we have the manpower
Teesigns shelved for now
Fix wall on hole 9

Unger – Dan Adams, Joe Jaegers, Eric Clever
Dan Adams has a contact for mulch here
Allocating money toward new bridges
Numerous parcels (E of Hole 10) for possible expansion

Willmore – Ryan Rickard
Overhead map
Tee signs due for upgrade but need to ensure pin placements are complete

Miscellaneous Admin
Norrenburn’s – we have unclaimed concrete here and they should be club sponsor
Get udisc ambassador to get udisc signs at all of our courses
Start a group chat with course captains, Hooper, and Irwin
Order more inventory (Discraft baskets if we can)