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September 2022 Meeting Minutes

Full public meeting minutes for our club meeting held on 9/8/2022

STLDGC September Meeting 9/8/22
Next Meeting: 10/6/22

Board Attendees: Jeff Willems, Taylor Thomas, Jake Anderson, Brett Elam, Hayley Day, Ray Vuichard, Allen Hooper
Board Ambassadors: Joe Bryson, Charlie Akers, Robert Eich
Other Attendees: Amar Beserivic

Review Action Items


2022 Memberships – 264 sold, 2 replacements
– We have picked up through 400
– Every membership comes with a STLDGC koozie, Brett to order more koozies (50-70 left)

Ace Pool: $75 (pays $56)
– Meramec Meltdown and BDO #8 included – aces paid
– STLO is next available

Outstanding liabilities
– Sky Hyzer coverage – after STLO posted (Rock Road coordinating for commentary)
– STLO Added Cash – $5000
– Willmore Tee Signs
– Baskets at Sioux Passage
– Endicott Tee Signs
– Hillside Teepads

Sponsor commitments
– Hillside teesigns (see Brett’s action items)

General Discussion Items

Welcome Board Ambassadors!

2023 Schedule and STLO dates: 9/15-9/17, 9/2-9/4, 8/25-8/27

2023 Course Caregiver: material getting / making – roll out January 2023

Custom shirt orders just after club champs a possibility

Norrenburn’s – we have unclaimed concrete here

Rob Newcomb – $13 owed from Tin Man CTP

Irwin has Innova sleeves, Brett has Gateway sleeves


8/20 – Meramec Meltdown C Tier – Taylor
– Event Report

9/5 – BDO at Willmore
– Event Report

9/16 – 9/18 – STLO
– $40 Voucher in lieu of MVP basket and disc
– 419 baskets in the storage unit, uhaul truck reserved for the weekend
– Player pack pickup at 4 Hands 12-5 and 7-9:30: dark ace pros vs joes putting event qualifier
– Workdays on courses prior to event, whiskers being distributed
– SkyHyzer is doing the filming and maybe next day coverage – ad space
– Vending: gateway, local line, sad dog, us, dark ace, skybreed, lone star, pro players, jess ben discin, neil brown
– Flex Starts – Greg Wilcox, Phil McGuire, Ray Vuichard – Ray-Wednesday Carrollton (Hoop-Willmore Wednesday) and Greg-Thursday – – Endicott, Phil-Thursday Unger
– Raffle to include two Zuca, MVP goodies
– Logan to be the host of the player’s party, Coach playing, Halverson serving food
– Volunteer / course TD meeting Sunday 9/11
– Kyle Potter trophies, vouchers printed

10/1 – Willmore Open – Neupert
– We can use Matt Augistein’s STL basket stamp
– Paragon for shirts and Innova order TFR discs custom stamps – Driven by Innova

10/15-10/16 – Club Champs – Taylor, Brett Saturday – Ray, Willems Sunday
– Kyle Potter for 2023 club champs tags
– Gateway mini, beer token, koozie ($30)

Opportunity: Crestwood – Hooper, Irwin
– 2022 installation but waiting on update from parks

Creve Coeur Lakeside – Jim McGowan, Mike Fritz, Jeff Irwin
– Concrete pads

Creve Coeur Hillside – Mike Fritz, Jeff Irwin
– Teepads targeted to be done by end of year, hope to use parks machinery and volunteers – potentially concrete per Mike Fritz
– Practice basket and 5 new pin positions
– Irwin working on artwork for teesigns to be created and installed (after teepads)

Jefferson Barracks Park – Aaron Walther
– Plenty of materials and when parks can move them to the course, work days

Jefferson Barracks Bunker – Allen Hooper, Taylor Thomas
– Overhead map is in, looking to cover with tempered glass

Sioux Passage – Coaches – Freddie
– After STLO, before club champs: New baskets – MVP Portals (sponsorship for 400, get the old basket)
– 19 new sleeves with new baskets, 19 extra

Briscoe Woods – Coaches – Paul Schnieder
– Hold off on official tee signs due to possible changes – old holes potentially coming back

Sunset Lakes – Jeff Irwin, Lavan Lee
– 8/21 workday to install new pin placements and remark tee boxes, installing tee posts if time allows

Carrollton – Coaches – Ethan Livaudais, Ray Vuichard
– Potential change in removing hole 14 and creating a new hole 2 for design/flow
– Eventually targeting two baskets per hole – 3 more ordered
– Concrete pads: short 1, new 2 to come back to “3” (remove 14), long 3, long 8, short 11, (short 13), long 18

Endicott – TC Brown, Jeremy Muehling
– Sleeves need replaced – Hooper to help coordinate (sleeves at Brett’s)
– To be fixed: hole 9 wall, hole 13 C
– Teesigns shelved for now: Daniel Moss

Unger – Dan Adams, Joe Jaegers, Eric Clever
– Unger expansion disapproved for a few years

Willmore – John Hellwig, Allen Hooper
– Off season: Tee signs to be upgraded

2024 St. Louis Open Information

$5k Added, MVP Disc Station VI in Am Player Pack
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